Eating Disorder Boise

How is eating disorder treatment available to anywhere in Alaska and Idaho? 

Telehealth allows you to access specialized eating disorder treatment where ever you are.  Having lived in rural Alaska myself for many years, I understand the challenges of trying to receive services in rural areas.  I maintain professional licenses in both states and believe in utilizing telehealth connection to reach those who otherwise wouldn't have access to specialized care.  

What is telehealth for eating disorder treatment?

Telehealth counseling is the same service as in-person counseling, but delivered over live video connection.  It is similar to Facetime or Skype, but over a secure, confidential platform created specifically for medical and mental health providers.  Eating disorder treatment via telethealth is very similar to in-person services, with minor modifications to accomodate the technological connection. 

Specialized Eating Disorder Treatment in Boise

Why telehealth for my eating disorder?

Receiving counseling in the privacy of your own home eliminates concerns about privacy when living in a small town.  It can give you access to the leading evidence-based eating disorder treatment that has been shown to work best with your specific struggles.  Telehealth can be convenient for busy schedules because it cuts out all drive or travel time getting to and from in-person appointments.  If you are traveling or going off to college or university, the momentum of counseling does not need to be interrupted.  Geographic barriers that are common in Alaska and Idaho no longer need to be keep you from accessing the specialized eating disorder counseling you need and deserve. 

What kind of technology do I need to have to use telehealth for eating disorder treatment?

You need a device with a user-facing video camera (similar to what you need to use Facetime or Skype) and internet access through a Chrome or Firefox browser. Or for iOS devices (iPhone or iPad), there is a free secure phone app for the telehealth platform I use.  

Eating Disorder Treatment Boise

What if I have more questions?

To chat about any further questions you may have, you can text, email, or call me at 907-305-0301 or  Or click here to send me a confidential message through my Contact page.